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Collect 2 Bank

Online Merchants can Increase Sales and Revenue with our Collect-2-Bank System for Online Shoppers. This is classified as an alternative payment option (similar in style to an ACH or online bill pay) for ecommerce merchants.

It allows shoppers to pay for purchases using their online bank account and sending funds into your Merchant Treasury Account within our Collect-2-Bank Processing System.

As a Merchant, you send your shopper/customer to the System when they are ready to pay for the order via an API or a plugin for your shopping cart software.

On the payment pages, we will now guide your customer through the process of paying for the order using their own online bank.

The customer will pay for the order by transferring the money to one of our affiliate bank accounts in that country.

When the money has been received on a bank account (typically within a few moments), we will inform you that the money has been successfully received and you can then proceed to ship the order.

We then transfer those funds weekly to your Valoris Merchant Treasury account for your payments and distribution.